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118 (+637,5%)

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Spark Shipping’s Monthly Organic Search Traffic

Introducing Spark Shipping, a leader in eCommerce Dropshipping Automation software.

Spark Shipping is revolutionizing the landscape of dropshipping automation. The platform offers everything an eCommerce store needs to put their business processes on autopilot, from solutions for efficient order fulfillment and seamless inventory management to automated pricing and tracking updates. 

Spark Shipping’s blog is an educational hub offering valuable content on dropshipping best practices, success stories, and industry insights. It also tailors content to address the specific needs and challenges their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is actively searching for.

We’ve partnered with Spark Shipping since March 2022, contributing to a significant surge in relevant site traffic, and even outperformed some big names like Shopify and Amazon.


Why did Spark Shipping engage Kalium?

Spark Shipping has a phenomenal product and wanted more people to know about it. 

SEO was a great channel. The ICP uses search engines to find solutions—a great opportunity to show up with answers and demonstrate authority.

Charles, the founder of Spark Shipping, understood SEO and wanted an agency that could: 

✅ Drive high-intent search traffic
✅ Maintain rankings over time 
✅ Convert readers into buyers  

The collaboration represented a strategic investment in long-term success, leveraging sustained benefits from increased organic traffic.

How we helped Spark Shipping

Crafted articles that helped Spark Shipping achieve high rankings for search terms with strong buyer intent.
Developed case studies that played a key role in establishing credibility for Spark Shipping.
Created eBooks designed as valuable guides to attract and engage potential leads.
Facilitated Spark Shipping in securing prominent rankings for search terms associated with its core product offering

“Partnering with Kalium has been a game-changer for our digital marketing efforts, particularly in the realm of SEO. 

Their expertise and proactive approach have significantly elevated our SEO strategy, enabling us to focus on refining our processes and driving efficiency. By entrusting Kalium with the execution of our SEO initiatives, we’ve been able to maintain a consistent and strategic focus that is essential for long-term success. The results speak for themselves—steady, long-term growth that aligns perfectly with our business objectives. 

Kalium’s meticulous execution has not only boosted our online visibility but has also instilled a greater sense of confidence in our overall marketing strategy.”

Charles Palleschi, President, Spark Shipping

Google Search Console Analysis:

Year-Over-Year (YOY) Traffic Comparison

Let’s compare Spark Shipping’s performance with a YOY traffic comparison. We’ll examine the last three months of 2024 against the same period in 2023.

Total Clicks:

Increased by 9,400

Total Impressions:

Average Click-Through Rate (CTR):
Improved by 40% (from 1% to 1.4%).

Experience the spike

Spark Shipping’s valuable knowledge, combined with our SEO expertise, has enabled us to generate impressive traffic growth for our client.

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