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307,005 (+990,239%)
Monthly traffic
127,000 (+1,153,510%)
Keywords ranking
Keywords in positions 1 – 3:
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An introduction to healthcare provider and client, LifeMD

LifeMD allows Americans to access quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare over the internet.

The company uses its blog as a way to answer people’s healthcare questions online and then direct them to where they can get help.

We’ve worked with LifeMD since June 2022 and have helped drive a huge increase in organic traffic to the company’s website.

From zero to +250,000 sessions per month for a telemedicine company

Source: Ahrefs


keywords (3,400 in positions 1 – 3)


in monthly search traffic (in just 12 months)


organic traffic value increase in 12 months


Why did LifeMD engage Kalium?

LifeMD is a successful Nasdaq-listed telemedicine company. Its world-class delivery model involves providing primary care services with phone or video calls.

They had some success with paid search to drive traffic and wanted to incorporate SEO into their strategy.

We had already proven our results with some of their other brands, so we were the natural choice to help drive growth.

How we helped

Our high-quality content fulfilled Google’s experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EEAT) requirements.

We developed a team of writers who work exclusively in digital health and who’ve acquired deep subject knowledge.

We optimized all articles to ensure they contained as many on-page keywords as possible without compromising quality.

We created content that added value, encouraging readers to use LifeMD’s services.

Take a look at some of our top performing articles 📈

What Causes White Spots on the Back of the Throat?

Monthly Traffic: 37,868
12-month Traffic Increase: +4,546.4%

Current search engine position for top keyword: 1st

A Guide to Ozempic for Weight Loss

Monthly Traffic: 17,913
12-month Traffic Increase: +11,309.6%

Current search engine position for top keyword: 1st

Can Acid Reflux Cause Back Pain?

Monthly Traffic: 12,357
12-month Traffic Increase: +342.4%

Current search engine position for top keyword: 1st

Overall site metrics

Once we’ve established which pages generally rank well, we focused on improving their content so they would rank as high as possible.
This made them explode with traffic.

Here is an example of a page from a few months ago.

The results speak for themselves:
“Kalium consistently delivers top-quality content that highly resonates with our patient audience. Working together is seamless; the entire team is kind, professional, and all-around approachable. We genuinely appreciate their flexibility, dedication, and valuable contributions to our mission and our overall business. Kalium’s content has truly helped elevate the quality and quantity of our health resource library.”

Ihor Moroz, SEO manager, LifeMD

Experience the spike

LifeMD’s valuable knowledge, combined with our SEO expertise, has enabled us to generate impressive traffic growth for our client.

If you want to see similar results for your business, then get in touch with Doug today.

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