SEO for B2B Payments

A Huge Marketing Opportunity Waiting to be Exploited

Search Marketing in the Payments Industry:

Here’s why it is worth it

High volume of searches

Low competition and crappy thin content

High Intent Searches
Complex topics where high- quality content is valuable

How do I get started?

You get a Free Personalised Search Plan from Kalium

We work extensively in B2B and FinTech so let our experts create bespoke SEO plans for your company.

It takes us about 6 hours and covers:

Keywords audit: What the opportunities are for your business

Competitors analysis: We look at the winners in your industry and what they’re doing

Content audit: What content exists in your industry and what the gaps are. 
Your Site: How your SEO is working—wins, losses and opportunities
Next Steps: A set of detailed recommendations on keywords to target and content to create
Step-by-step plan: We’ll tell you exactly what to do in the next three months and the results you can expect
Don’t worry, this isn’t some standard Ahrefs press-a-button site audit. These are real experts looking at what you need to do—it’s priceless.

Why do we do this?

You have zero obligation to use us to deliver the service, but we’re the best option. So, in practice, we generate a ton of business from this. But if you want to execute the plan, no problem. As massive SEO nerds, we’ll probably enjoy digging into your company anyway.
Here are links to some of our case studies:
Paperless Pipeline
Paperless Pipeline is an American-based real estate transaction management platform.
LifeMD is an American-based telehealth platform.

Why Kalium?

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