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Monthly traffic

6,400 (+2,105%)

Keywords ranking
216 (+644,8%)
Keywords in positions 1 – 3:

Meet Paperless Pipeline, an innovative real estate transaction management software.

Paperless Pipeline offers streamlined transaction management software for real estate firms, simplifying workflows for brokers, teams, and coordinators to enhance efficiency and organization. 

As a cost-effective solution trusted by over 90,000 professionals in the U.S. and Canada, Paperless Pipeline ensures access to advanced features without breaking the bank. 

Our successful five-year collaboration with Paperless Pipeline has significantly increased organic search traffic to the site. This collaboration highlights the effectiveness of addressing ICP’s queries of the real estate industry, resulting in a notable increase in relevant search traffic.

Why did Paperless Pipeline engage Kalium?

Paperless Pipeline started using Kalium five years ago. They had tried a ton of different SEO agencies and content writers, but the results were average 😨. Their brief was to drive traffic through SEO, generate more leads, and build authority. There were two big challenges


The ICP was mixed, prospects were either brokers (they own the agency) or transaction coordinators who manage the real estate deal. Each had different content needs, and we needed to cater to both.


The main competitors offered a solution with a broader feature set. While Paperless Pipeline was a better product for managing transactions, many brokerages wanted one system. We had to educate them on why Paperless was a great option. 

How we helped Paperless Pipeline

Detailed keyword research to identify opportunities for high-intent keywords to target both ICPs
Create content that wins on search engines BUT, more importantly, build authority and CONVERTS to sales 
Competitors analysis to find missed opportunities and sneakily see where they deploy budget (paid and organic) to understand where the 💰is 
Learn the Paperless product inside out so we can talk about the benefits like an expert and constant analysis to see what articles drive traffic and leads

Take a look at some of our top performing articles 📈

How To Create a Real Estate Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA)

Monthly Traffic: 445 
Current search engine position for top keyword: 1st
Real Estate Transaction Steps: The Complete Guide 
Monthly Traffic: 375 
Current search engine position for top keyword: 1st
The Complete Guide To Recruiting Real Estate Agents in 2024
Monthly Traffic:  233 
Current search engine position for top keyword: 1st

Overall site metrics

Once we identified pages that had the potential to rank well, our emphasis shifted to enhancing their content to maximize their ranking potential. 

This resulted in a significant surge in traffic.

Here is an example of a page from a few months ago:

The results speak for themselves:
”Working with Kalium has been an absolute game-changer for us at Paperless Pipeline. Their expertise in SEO and content strategy has propelled our organic search traffic to new heights, exceeding our expectations every step of the way. From in-depth keyword research to insightful competitor analysis, Kalium’s dedication to our success is unmatched. We couldn’t be more grateful for their partnership! ”
Lauren Burt, Customer Success

Experience the spike

Paperless Pipeline’s valuable knowledge, combined with our SEO expertise, has enabled us to generate impressive traffic growth for our client.

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