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Discover the power of SEO and unlock sustainable business growth with Kalium Labs. Tune in to our podcast as we uncover everything SEO, providing you with essential strategies to drive revenue and establish a strong online presence.

Hosted by: Doug Haines

Kalium’s Managing Director

Meet Doug, the founder of Kalium and your trusted host, as he guides you through unlocking the world of SEO for business success.

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Explore our episode playlist for expert insights and tips on mastering SEO for sustainable revenue growth.
Episode 1: Melissa Malec, Author & Content Specialist

Looking to kickstart a freelance content career? ✍

Wondering how dog Instagram really works? 🐢 Ever thought about writing a historical fiction novel? πŸ“œ

Interested in how to grow traffic in the brutal world of HR B2B SaaS πŸ“ˆ

This episode covers it all.

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Episode 2: Instagram Travel - Crafting an Authentic Following

πŸŒπŸ“Έ Ready to reignite your passion for travel and Instagram? It’s been a while, but we’re back! πŸŽ™οΈ

It’s time to explore the REAL magic of genuine connections on social media platforms.

Join Doug and Melissa as they discuss the tips and tricks to building a truly authentic following in the social media world. 🌟

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How Hotels Can STOP Losing 15 - 30% of Their Profits to OTAs
Calling all hotels! Are you frustrated with OTAs stealing 15 – 30% of your direct bookings? We understand your pain. Join Caroline and Doug as they explore strategies hotels can use to beat OTAs, beginning with a comprehensive SEO overhaul to enhance their online presence. Here are a few straightforward steps to kickstart the process:
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Boosting Your SaaS Sales With SEO (The Secrets You Need To Know)
In this episode, Dawid and Espresso team up to uncover the unstoppable force of SEO in the world of SaaS marketing. This podcast is your secret sauce in the SaaS arena, and we’re here to confirm that SEO can absolutely boost your SaaS marketing efforts. In this episode, we’ll be delivering the goods with these key points:
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