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How GMass Built a Traffic Machine Worth Millions (Using a Tactic Called Lady on the Bus)

Doug Haines

GMass is a tool that helps you build email campaigns inside Gmail.

The company nails SEO, and it uses a tactic we call the lady on the bus 🚌🚌🚌

Imagine you’re in a new city. You’ve just left the hotel to explore and you’re riding the bus into town.

You get talking to a kind lady who knows everything about the city, this includes:

⛪ The best tourist spots.

💰 How to save money.

🍔 Great eating spots.

🌇 Where to see an amazing sunset.

She spends 15 minutes giving you advice and a long list of amazing activities.

After speaking to her, you discover she runs a tour guide company—when you say goodbye, you take her card.

Her advice was incredible. You have a brilliant day exploring the sites she told you about.

Over drinks at the bar, you check out her website and find that it offers several tours.

You want to see more of what she has to offer so you make a booking.

GMass uses the lady on the bus

By answering user queries on email marketing, GMass generates a ton of traffic.

Their SEO traffic is worth at least several million dollars a year. They’ve taken advantage of being in a market where there are a ton of questions that need answering.

Check out this low difficulty yet super relevant term: mail merge google docs.

They’ve built a detailed guide for it which you can find at this link.

Here’s another cool term, how to start an email.

They’re ranking #4 for this term—it has great traffic volume and relevancy.

The list goes on.

GMass’ website is full of useful information; eight of the top ten traffic-generating pages are from their blog.

Content Quality

For the lady on the bus tactic to work, the content quality needs to be sky high.

GMass delivers on this. What I love about the content is how it gets straight to the point, making it incredibly useful.

This piece starts with a super clear introduction and gives the reader a clear proposition.

These hyperlinks are also helpful:

The article goes on to provide a simple step-by-step guide.

It then segues into how using the GMass tool helps with this process and effectively becomes a sales page.

I also love the navigation on the blog, it’s a simple and clear category list:


GMass gets the CTA spot on:

✅   Social proof.

✅   A simple call to action.

✅   Explains how it works (install extension)

This CTA screams, “Just give it a go!”.

Wrapping up

This site doesn’t do anything exceptionally creative, but it gets the execution spot on:

  • It identifies content that potential users need.
  • The simple and easy-to-follow content answers user queries.
  • It converts users to the product with a compelling CTA and blog content.

The magic of a great content-driven SEO campaign is working out the quickest way to go from A to B.

If you can’t explain your SEO plan to your nine-year-old cousin, you need to simplify it.

Article by:

Doug Haines

Meet Doug, the mastermind behind Kalium’s success. Learn how Doug applies SEO strategies to turn this SA travel site into a million-dollar company.

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