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How This Agency Went from 0 to 7600 Monthly Visitors in 15 Months

Doug Haines

Hello content marketers!

Today we’re looking at a specialist marketing agency that used SEO to grow its business and generate millions in revenue.

The company is called Testimonial Hero, and they specialise in creating video testimonials.

How do we know the revenue numbers?

The founder of the company, Sam Shepler, is often a guest on different podcasts and is open about the company’s performance.

He also mentioned that SEO was a core growth strategy.

This got me curious.

The Headline Numbers

Their numbers look solid so far:

✅   Nice DR.

✅   Strong backlink profile.

✅   Good traffic.

But as we all know, not all traffic is created equally.

This brings us to the next question—how does their traffic quality look? This is when it starts getting interesting.

The terms it ranks for are:

✅   Low difficulty.

✅   High volume (for B2B).

✅   Super relevant user intent.

This is an SEO marketer’s dream and can happen when your agency targets a highly-specialised niche.

Because no other companies are as niche as yours, you can mop up so much direct traffic.

With a ticket price in the thousands of dollars, the conversion to customer doesn’t need to be high to make this traffic generate a ton of revenue.

If I were guessing, I’d say this site generates at least five to 10 leads per day and tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Are The Terms That Good?

Lets look at the term “employee testimonials” and how it ranks—is there actually strong user intent there?

The KD/volume ratio is very good for B2B. 1.97 is an extremely high click per search (CPS)—almost black swan high.

The SERP mainly offers examples and Testimonial Hero is number one!

The top seven pages are examples, and positions eight to 10 are just testimonials from random companies.

When the SERP has some random results, it tells us:

😺No one is trying to rank for the term.

😺 Ranking will be simple.

😺 No SEO geeks are working on this.

So, does this page generate leads?

Would someone in a large business type into the search engine “employee testimonials” if they were interested in producing some?

Yes, of course they would. They may want examples, advice, or even vendors.

So, Testimonial Hero’s page one ranking is super valuable.

How Testimonial Hero Got to Number One

This is the #1 page:

5 Employee Testimonial Example Ideas to Help You Hire the Best Talent. 

The page is pretty solid and has an excellent SurferSEO score of 81.

The page serves some overall benefits and tactics for testimonials, then provides some examples.

They also include a talking head video at the top—and we know how much Google is moving towards video.

It’s a decent page that does enough to beat the competition in such an uncompetitive field.

Quick Wins

There are a few improvements we would make:

  • Add a few compelling benefits to the CTA.
  • Add videos to the examples (rather than just screenshots).
  • Give more detail on the examples and outline why they work.
  • Provide a step-by-step guide for L&D managers looking to create videos.
  • Give some data on how employee advocacy improves retention.
Wrapping Up

I love this niche from an SEO perspective. There is a ton of traffic with virtually no competition.

Testimonial Hero have done their homework on good terms to target and created content that ranks.

I would look to improve its content from an SEO and conversion perspective to maintain rankings, but overall it’s a great foundation.

What can we learn?

✅   Video works, produce where you can.

✅   SEO tools like SurferSEO are highly valuable.

✅   Look at the SERPs to see what ranks—don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

Let’s finish the week strong 💥

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Doug Haines

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