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One SEO Term Any Accounting Firm Can Dominate

Doug Haines

Ranking on the first page of Google for relevant terms can result in a consistent stream of leads visiting your accounting firm’s website.

While it can be challenging to rank for competitive terms, many keywords in the accountancy space are low competition. This means there is an excellent opportunity for businesses willing to implement a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to do to rank for the term “property accountant.”

You can then use the process for terms relevant to your business.

The Search Term - “Property Accountant”

Property accountant is a great search term for accountants to rank for. Here are several reasons why:

  • It has high buyer intent: People searching for “property accountant” are likely looking to hire one.
  • There is a good volume of searches: According to SEO tool Ahrefs, there are 450 searches for the term every month.
  • It’s a low competition term: Plenty of small websites show up in the results, which means there is a chance for other small websites to rank.
  • The right type of pages are ranking: Many pages that rank are from accounting firms. This shows Google’s algorithm has calculated that these pages are relevant to the query.

There are some downsides. Because the term is popular, the results page has three adverts from accounting firms. It also has Google Maps embedded so users can find firms nearby.

These features appear above the regular results, which means they take clicks away from the main results page.

Nonetheless, ranking highly for this term will bring relevant visitors.

How to Rank for “Property Accountant”

Here is the simple three-step process to rank for the search term. You can use this method when trying to rank for any keyword.

1. Research the Type of Content that Ranks

First, check the Google search results to see the pages that rank for the term “property accountant.” This will show you the kind of content you need to create.

These are the top five results for the term on page one of Google in the UK:

Four of the five results are service pages from accounting firms. The top page is the property accounting services page from firm Jeffreys Henry. You can see it in the screenshot below.

The content describes the property accounting services the firm offers and gives readers information about how to contact the business.

The other three pages from accounting firms in the top five of the results include similar content. This suggests Google’s algorithm has calculated that these pages match the intent of the person searching.

2. Create Your Content and Optimise It for Search Engines

Your best chance of ranking is to create a page that matches searcher intent, like the websites that already appear for the term. Include information about your services and how visitors can contact you.

To have the best chance of ranking, your content needs to be high quality and offer a compelling user experience. Ensure that your page reads well, loads quickly, includes relevant media or diagrams, and is an appropriate length.

Of course, it should also be a persuasive sales page that is likely to convert people from visitors to customers. Consider including:

  • Testimonials from current or past customers explaining how great your service is.
  • A compelling offer that encourages visitors to inquire about your service.
  • A call-to-action that clearly shows how visitors can take up your offer.
  • Information about previous results your firm has achieved for clients.

Keywords Tell Google What Your Page Is About

You’ll also need to include signs that tell Google your page is relevant to the term “property accountant.”

The easiest way to do this is by including the keyword throughout the article.

While you don’t want to go overboard for fear of creating a page that seems spammy, consider including the keyword or synonyms in:

  • The URL of the page. For example, or
  • The page’s SEO title. This is what will show up on Google as per the image below.

  • The first paragraph and one of the main headings. The image below shows an example of how you could do this.

Internal Links Help Google Find Your Page

You should also consider linking to the page from other pages on your website. This is called internal linking.

For example, you could include a link to it on your homepage. Or you could write blogs relevant to property accounting and add a link at the end of your post.

The text you add the link to is called “anchor text” and Google uses it to understand what the page is about and which keywords the linked page should rank for.

3. Increase the Authority of Your Site

While you could see results just by following the steps above, you may have to put some work in to increase the authority of your site. This is critical if your site is new, or you haven’t developed it much.

There are two main ways to increase your site’s authority:

  1. Create more content relevant to your services. Doing so tells Google you are an authority on the subject.
  2. Get backlinks from other websites. If relevant sites link to your website, it tells Google’s algorithm your content is high quality. This makes your site more likely to rank higher. It’s even better if you can get links to the exact page you want to show up in searches.

Creating content is a good way to satisfy both these steps. If you write useful articles or resources other websites may link to these articles, increasing the overall authority of your site.

The screenshot below shows that Gorilla Accounting’s blog posts have many backlinks. Each listing represents a different post, and “referring domains” indicates the number of external websites that have linked to it on their own site. These backlinks contribute to Gorilla Accounting ranking for over 3,600 keywords and receiving thousands of organic search visitors every month.


Other Search Engine Optimisation Opportunities for Accountants

The above example shows opportunities exist for accountants to rank on Google for terms that can lead to more customers. If you aren’t a property accountant, there are still plenty of keywords in other verticals you could explore.

For example:

  • Personal Tax Accountant: While the broad term “tax accountant” is quite competitive, there are opportunities to rank for more specific services like “personal tax accountant” or “self-employed tax accountant.”
  • Ecommerce Accountants: There are opportunities to rank for specific types of business accounting. The term “ecommerce accountants” gets 50 searches a month.
  • Property Accountant Birmingham. Location-based terms are perfect for firms that operate out of a single area. They don’t have as much traffic as more general terms, but the specificity of the searches means they are good opportunities.
The Key Is to Find Relevant Opportunities

There are plenty of search terms accounting firms could rank for if they implement a good strategy.

Consider your area of expertise and perform Google searches to see what the competition looks like. If the websites that rank are small firms rather than large publishing companies, there is every chance that you could rank too.

You should remember that SEO is not an exact science and it can take time to get good results, especially if you’re trying it out for the first time. However, the benefits of free highly targeted traffic make the process worthwhile.

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Doug Haines

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