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Questions You Must Ask About Your Content (And Do You Really Need Expert Contributors?)

Doug Haines

Today, we’re going to look back at Google’s May update.

The phrase Google Core Update strikes fear into SEO teams everywhere 😨

❓What will happen to our hard-won rankings?

Will we need to change plans?

❓Do we need new resources?

Google’s latest update was on May 25, 2022, and it finished rolling out on June 9.

(Core updates are when Google makes notable changes to its algorithm and search engine systems).

These updates are intended to produce better search results.

✅   Match searcher intent.

✅   Relevance to the searcher.

✅   Align with Google’s quality guidelines.

The key message is: FOCUS ON CONTENT.

The sites we work on are either unaffected or have improved.

You need to double down on content quality—Google suggests asking the following 11 questions:

  1. Does the content provide original information (reporting, research or analysis?)
  2. Does it provide a substantial description of the topic?
  3. Does it provide an insightful, non-obvious analysis of the topic?
  4. Is the headline and/or page title descriptive enough to provide a helpful summary of the content?
  5. Is the headline too exaggerating/shocking in nature?
  6. Would you reshare this with a friend?
  7. Would this content be referenced by a book/magazine?
  8. Is the content free of spelling or stylistic errors?
  9. Is the content written by an expert and easily verified?
  10. Is the content well-produced and viewable on a mobile phone?
  11. Does this content compare to other pages in the search results?

Do the guidelines Google provide always match the reality? No, of course, they don’t.

Content that contravenes these principles ranks in every vertical.

But, over time, have no doubt:

✅   These principles will not change.

✅   Google will move closer to rewarding the best content

You need to be on that ship 🚢

Let’s take a closer look at an interesting question in particular: Is the content written by an expert and easily verified?

Question 9 – How can we tick this box?

There is much debate between hiring industry experts and professional writers.

We regularly get asked what we recommend, and here is our take:

  • It depends on the level of expertise required to write the article. A piece on great walking routes in Wales requires less expertise than a commentary on clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • If expert opinion will add value, the ideal scenario is insight from an expert with a quality writer to pull the information together.
  • This ideal scenario oftens falls flat because of time constraints from the expert, but it can be done.
  • Try to plan a discovery session where the content for several articles can be collated in one go.
  • Position the expert as an editor to check the content, rather than create it from scratch.
  • Add the expert in the byline with specific details of their credentials.

TopDoctors, a UK-based marketplace for finding specialists, does this well.

Dr David Game’s credentials are clearly indicated:

✅   Name.

✅   Image.

✅   Specialities.

✅   Location.

✅   Link to detailed bio (see that here).

So two points to remember

💡If you stick to quality, you will not go wrong in the long term.

💡 Include and reference experts where you can (but support them to create great content)


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Doug Haines

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