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How We Gained 7 Top Google Rankings for This Travel Company

Doug Haines

Today, we’re looking at how we took a page with no traffic and turned it into a lead-generating monster 👾 by using content-driven SEO.

The company sells holiday packages that include:

🏨 Accommodation.

👯‍♂️ Activities.

They wanted to use SEO to drive more qualified leads to their website.

The changes we started making in September 2021 are now driving hundreds of qualified monthly visitors to one of their pages. This has resulted in:

💰 500 monthly visitors to the page.

💰 Generating 6 leads per day.

Here’s how we did it.

Step 1 – The Commercial Success Statement

We worked with the founders of the company to understand what types of leads were the most valuable.

We also looked at their existing lead numbers and what they wanted to achieve in the future.

At Kalium, we tie everything back to sales 💰💰💰 rather than just relying on vanity metrics like traffic.

Step 2 – The Customer Profile

It’s critically important that we understand which customers are buying now and identify those we want to purchase in the future. In the case of travel, we look at:

✅   How buyers make decisions.

✅   Price sensitivity.

✅   Most essential elements of the package.

✅   Common objections.

✅   What they value most about the service.

Step 3 – The Offer

We made sure that the offer made sense.

With this site, the lead capture form was to get in touch—the team could qualify leads at this stage.

We made some initial suggestions on the form to remove objections and create time pressure.

However, the new SEO changes were so effective that the site started generating more leads than they could process, so we left the CTA.

Step 4 – Research and Content Development

We decided to work on a couple of key “money” pages around the specific accommodation and activities offered.

We started on the accommodation page for a few reasons:

👀 The competition for high buyer intent keywords was very low. KDs were all under 5; see below how we have quickly dominated the top rankings.

👀 We looked at what was currently ranking and modeled our page on the same format.

👀 We elevated the content way above the competition with –

✅   Bespoke images of the region and where all the accommodation was located.

✅   Detailed travel information.

✅   High-quality images.

✅   Detailed descriptions of the venue, its history, and what specific activities are available when you visit. The tone was less sales and more informational.

✅   The page was optimised for multiple keywords; each term has a Surfer score of above 72.

👀 We tracked the content closely and made updates when necessary.

Step 5 – Review and Optimise

We kept a close eye on the content to see how it ranked. It jumped to number one across all the keywords pretty quickly.

We made a few amendments to improve rankings, and now the game is to keep the piece at number one and improve conversions—when the company can process all the new leads.

We plan to add:

💡 Case studies of customers enjoying the property.

💡 More venues as they become available.

💡 Interviews with the founders.

💡 Video content.

💡 Links to social media of customers posting from the venue.

Winning rankings takes a lot of hard work and exceptional delivery. As you can see below, our clients appreciate it:

“Amazing work on the content – That’s definitely what has caused this ranking to increase so much. Thank you all!!”

“Great! Thank you so much guys, absolutely delighted with the content!!”

Have a great day 👊

Article by:

Doug Haines

Meet Doug, the mastermind behind Kalium’s success. Learn how Doug applies SEO strategies to turn this SA travel site into a million-dollar company.

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